Cycad Process has its origins in a bespoke programme for visualizing drill core data written for a mining client. Later, we produced software models of pressure leaching reactors and models of the carbon-in-pulp process. These were standalone programmes written for mining clients to design equipment or a section of plant.

Later, in about 1995, this was augmented by models for bacterial leaching circuits.

In about 1998, when our clients asked more complex questions about the overall flowsheet, we began work on a flowsheet simulator. For the next ten years, this was used exclusively to accelerate the efficiency of our consultancy..

The work on the current interface began in 2008. The intuitive interface has been developed and expanded on since then with multiple updates each year. We pride ourselves on making the software as easy to use as possible.

Like the hardy, evergreen cycad plants, we at Cycad Process are here to stay!