aboutcycad 1 20062022Cycad Process® combines process simulation with sophisticated drawing capabilities to produce detailed engineering diagrams and reports.

Cycad Process® is used to design:

  • Hydrometallurgical,
  • Pyrometallurgical, and
  • Minerals processing flowsheets.

Draw the process flow diagram or process block diagram, enter feed definitions, and process parameters, and calculate the mass and energy balance.

Cycad Process® has been used on major design projects involving hundreds of pieces of equipment and process streams.

Designed for Productivity

Cycad Process® is structured so that you can easily draw the flowsheet, enter the required data, calculate the mass and energy balance, and compare results with those obtained previously. You produce process flow diagrams and the mass balance in the same step.

Cycad Process® provides a logical and intuitive way for you to draw the flow sheet and to enter the operating data. You draw the flowsheet in the page viewer by dragging and dropping icons of the process equipment from a process library onto the page. Process streams link equipment, and data is entered in the property viewer.

The calculation engine optimises the calculation sequence using a state-of-the-art optimization algorithm. Results are presented in spreadsheets, which can be exported directly to Excel, graphs and diagrams.

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Whether your clients are internal or external customers, they want the following deliverables:

  • Process flow diagrams (or block flow diagrams) that detail the major equipment employed;
  • A report on the mass flows and temperatures in the process streams;
  • A report on the values used in determining the mass and energy flows, that is, the process design criteria;
  • A report on the products and reagents; and,
  • A report on the major equipment used.

The outputs from the Cycad Process® are matched with these deliverables for your clients.

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