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Cycad Process®

(version 2020.02)
• First part of underlying infrastructure upgrade has been implemented;
• Added a deceleration factor to the direct substitution method for tear streams;
• Added the option to allow reactions to go negative;
• Extended designers so that references other streams work when pages or units don’t include them;
• Enabled user tear streams to work even when only selected page(s) or unit(s) are run;
• Fixed thickeners & filters to not fail on no-flow scenarios; and,
• As always, additional minor tweaks.
What is Cycad Process®?
Cycad Process® combines process simulation with sophisticated drawing capabilities to produce detailed engineering diagrams and reports. The package allows you to draw the process flow diagram or process block diagram and calculate the mass and energy balance.


  • Industries

    Cycad Process® can and has been used to model most processes in mineral industries.
  • Interface

    Full graphical interface conforming to typical Windows standards, Drag-and-drop interface, Extensive library of process units, Properties entered through an intuitive
  • Steady-state simulations

    Sequential modular approach to simulations, Intelligent, automatic calculation of recycle streams to minimize solution time, No ordering of the process
  • Calculations

    Large library of calculation based on published solution methods, Energy balance integrated with all calculations, Direct correspondence between the plant,
  • Component data

    Extensive component database with physical and basic thermodynamic data, Can easily add user-specified components, Can export and import components from
  • Scripting

    Can script your own process unit, Uses C# language for scripting, Can access many internal functions/methods, Can reference all properties
  • Extensive reaction options available

    Extent/conversion-based reactions, Rate-based (liquid or gas phases), Gas mass transfer, Shrinking particle/core models, 2D-shrinking core model.
  • Particle size distributions

    Cycad Process® can track and calculate the changes in particle sizes in processes such as milling and leaching.
  • Designers

    Designers are used to target process unit outputs and sometimes referred to as ‘controllers’, Unit-specific and flowsheet (general) designers are
  • Outputs

    Engineering quality drawings, Block flow diagrams, Process flow diagrams, P&I diagrams currently under development.
  • Compare

    Comparing results between different versions or calculations can be difficult and time consuming for even a relatively small balance. Cycad
  • Parameter estimation

    Uses Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm to fit parameters, Can be used to fit most process unit parameters using measured data.