Cycad Process®

(version 2019.07)
• Updated wizard to handle more decimal places for lab isotherms;
• Added more templates;
• Alignment of versioning with Cycad Process;
• Minor tweaks

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default Cycad Process (version 2019.07) Popular

Download (exe, 15.53 MB)


  • Revamped PFD library under development - started releasing new PFD units;
  • Corrected PSD issue;
  • Corrected issue when switching between component databases;
  • Minor tweaks.

default Cycad Process (version 2019.03) Popular

Download (exe, 15.93 MB)


  • Updated default aqueous density estimation;
  • Added manual recycle stream tearing;
  • Updated component management
  • Bug fixes

default Cycad Process (version 2017.05) Popular

Download (exe, 15.80 MB)


  • Fix where some saved files wouldn’t load; and,
  • Other minor tweaks.

default Cycad Process (version 2017.03) Popular

Download (exe, 15.80 MB)


  • Bug-fix release corrected loading issue related to Excel module

default Cycad Process (version 2017.02) Popular

Download (exe, 15.80 MB)


  • Microsoft Excel (Read/Write) Interface
  • Various bug fixes

archive Cycad Process (version 2016.01) Popular

Download (exe, 14.94 MB)


• Added process unit scripting
• New aqueous density estimation (using Laliberte and Cooper)
• Added import/export of components
• Added new designer algorithm - Brent

pdf How to Register Cycad Process Popular

Download (pdf, 653 KB)

How to Register Cycad Process.pdf